League of Stickman 2 Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money)


Download League of Stickman 2 Mod Apk to get access to new A-class hero Sword Demon and other heroes with their skills unlocked and enjoy the game without having to spend any of your money.
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League of Stickman 2 MOD APK Overview and Features

League of Stickman 2 is an online fighting game with a dark theme and heroes fighting with sticks mostly. The unique skill of each hero along with other combos when put to test in a fight, the thunder is produced from their fighting swords/sticks and crackling sounds with bright sparks lightens the dark area.

With over 1 Million+ downloads on the google play store, this game provides you with silhouette-style RPG characters using which you perform multiple roles when fighting online during extreme battles under tense areas, where you fight with the evil forces. You can also play offline and get the taste of the same amazing visuals, sounds, and fights.

Story of League of Stickman 2:

The story revolves around the 2 worlds, The Souls World, and the Ghosts World. Both the worlds have been fighting for many years as there is a Prophecy of War for thousand years between them named “ The battle of the soul breaker ”. A lot of heroes and ghosts are already involved in this war, The Nether Tower is the reason for the connection of both the worlds, therefore it’s a threat to humans.

People are tired of this war, some of them still want to end it by using the power of destruction. The Seven Souls, also known as Servants of God,  are wandering everywhere in anger and harvesting life in the shadows. The brainwashed tribes in the city of light, Avalon, are still attacking without any logical reason. Under Huang Quan, the undead has been found under the decaying bauxite.


RPG (Role Playing Games) are very interesting ones in which we take different roles of different characters either for a short time or until a specific objective has been achieved. The League of Stickman 2 Mod Apk provides us with all these flavors of different situations and is known as one of the best RPG games today.


The game provides you with a multitude of heroes that you have to unlock and for each hero you can unlock a variety of skills of that hero, but the more powerful the hero is, it gets tougher to unlock the skills. But don’t worry, in this League of Stickman 2 Mod APK, we have already unlocked that all for you for free.

Offline Mode:

It’s not just about the online world, the offline mode has a lot of fantastic chapters that you can play without connecting to the internet like Lost Woods, Rift Range, etc. At the end of each chapter, you get to face the boss of that chapter who you need to defeat to win and clear that chapter.

Modes You Can Play Online:

When you are connected with the internet, this game has a lot to offer to you including player vs player mode PvP, where you can fight with your friends and other players online and there is another mode where you can enter and play with your friends in the same team to get many rewards.

What’s Special About This Modified APK?

No In-App purchase Required / Unlimited Money

In League of Stickman 2 Mod Apk, you don’t need to go through in-app purchases to be able to enjoy new heroes, skills, and gems as you are provided with enough resources in this modified apk to buy anything you want. So, without spending any of your precious money, you are now able to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

No Annoying Ads Anymore

We all know how disturbing the ads are when you are just trying to spend a great time by just focusing on the game and aesthetics. Well, that will not be the case anymore when you install league of stickman 2 mod apk as it’s ad-free and is specially created to provide you with an amazing gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Mod APK?

Mod APK as the name suggests is the modified version of the original application available at the google play store. Mostly, the modified version of the application gives you access to the restricted features and resources of the game that you have to earn and unlock otherwise in the original version.

Q: What is Special in League of Stickman 2 Mod APK?

In this League of Stickman 2 Mod APK, you get access to unlimited money and gems. You get access to all the characters and heroes without having to purchase them or unlock them by doing the required things. Also, you now can unlock all their skills as well.

Q: Is League of Stickman 2 Mod APK Safe to Download?

The team at ModApkLive is very serious about recommending anything to its users and especially when it comes to files downloading, we already test these applications and use them ourselves first before even providing them to users. So, these are extremely safe applications that you can just download and play with ease without having to worry about any virus or malware.




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