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Download free king of avalon mod apk and get edge over other players by getting bundle of gold and other resources with premium stuff unlocked in this king of avalon mod apk latest version.
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Story and Theme of King of Avalon Mod Apk

Background Story:

King of Avalon starts with the story of a King named Arthur who was betrayed by his nephew Modred and hence died in the battle. He had a strong and magical sword named Excalibur, which now lies with his body on the Isle of Avalon. The Excalibur has to be collected and held again to unify the kingdom by a new king.

The whole empire of King Arthur has now fallen and divided into cities that are constantly fighting each other now. Everyone craves and desires the magical Excalibur but it can only be held by one who will then sit in place of King Arthur on the throne of the king.

Introduction to King of Avalon Gameplay:

King of Avalon is placed in an old-fashioned England and the game starts with bringing back the legends and Knights of the Round Table together to fight the newly faced crisis. The game revolves around building a great city, creating a powerful army, training and becoming an expert of the war skills to be more effective in the battle, training and making your dragon stronger so that you can go on war against your enemy.

king of avalon mod apk

Importance of Alliance:

You have the opportunity to join an alliance, which will help you grow and protect you from enemy offenses and you have a better chance to survive and grow with an alliance rather than alone. Make your empire the strongest so that you can survive the great war of kings. One of the best strategies is to send the spy to the target castle before launching a rally against it. You will always need a supporting alliance to have your back when rallying for the Barbarian Leader or sending your troops to another player’s castle.


You can go in battles and quests like PvP where you can get many resources that are needed to raise your dragon also. Get stronger so that you can lift Excalibur which will eventually make you the King.

Journey with Friends and Foes:

With thousands of players online from around the world, you will be making many friends and as many enemies along your journey. You can have an amazing time chatting with your friends and alliance members, you can help them grow also and help each other in trades with whatever is needed. You can wage war against the players and alliances attacking your alliance.

Strong Defense:

With wars surrounding you and your alliance from everywhere, you will need to be on your toes every time and have upgraded bases with a brilliant strategy in place as you are not the only one aiming for that king’s throne. You and your dragon will be tested in the great battle for the King of Avalon.

king of avalon mod apk

Dragon – The Symbol of Power:

The mighty weapon and symbol of great power is your dragon. How you train your dragon, how will you grow it, and how well you use it in the battles is all that matters.

Chat with Online Players:

The easy translation feature in the King of Avalon chat box instantly translates the messages of your fellow players from around the world. You also keep on getting notifications if any of your friends or alliance member sends you a message whether you are using the application or not.

Enjoy the Amazing Cinematics:

Experience the amazing and realistic graphics that make you feel real especially the missions and the story of each mission keeps you engaged with the game and you realize the intensity of the story behind each venture.

Goods and Resources for Your Kingdom:

You have to manage and create additional channels for the production of goods and resources required for your troops, dragon, buildings, and for the constant research, you have to do in the University to upgrade war skills and boost the performance of everything so that you can conquer the kingdom.

king of avalon mod apk

What Extra Do You Get In King of Avalon Mod Apk?

Unlimited Gold:

Gold is one of the most precious things in King of Avalon. With gold, you can get a bunch of stuff in the game but you have to earn it by raiding gold mines, other players, or the monsters on the map. You can also get some through free daily rewards. But there comes the stage in the game when you always need more gold and that’s when you are bound to buy some by spending your real money. That’s where this King of Avalon Mod Apk comes into play as it provides you with a lot of gold which is just one of the things this mod apk gives, others are mentioned below.

Unlimited Food, Wood, and Iron:

Resources such as food, wood, and iron are basically all of the things that are very crucial for your whole empire and they have a huge impact on your growth and progress in the game.  For your defense and expansion, you need a stronger and large army. But the larger the army is, the more is the food required for your troops as they feed on it.

Not just food, wood is also the main resource needed for building your empire as every building, every factory, and almost every other construction requires wood. You will not be able to upgrade your building nor you can increase the capacity of your army if you haven’t upgraded the required buildings because you are short on wood.

Iron also contributes to construction and iron helps you minimize the construction time as it is used for upgrading the buildings so that your construction time could also be improved. You can collect iron from iron mines whether from your own or by raiding the ones you see on the map. But it requires effort and is time-consuming to collect it just like the other resources. We have covered it as well in the King of Avalon Mod Apk and provided you with tons of iron just like the other things unlocked in this mod apk.

Unlimited Dragon’s Exp:

We have discussed in detail what impact does dragons create and how much they are important for your kingdom to be established. Therefore it is much necessary to keep them growing and making them stronger,  this can only be done by constantly upgrading them to the next level. For that, you need a lot of dragon exp to upgrade them and unlock more dragon skills. Dragon skills are very hard to collect and we have to put a lot of time and effort while collecting for the next dragon level. In King of Avalon Mod Apk, you get a ton of dragon exp in the game which will be enough to upgrade the dragon up to level 70 which would otherwise require more than 900 million dragon experience to reach that level. Isn’t it amazing? Therefore, just grab this King of Avalon mod apk and get these amazing features with many more.



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