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Guns of Glory Mod Apk latest version for android and ios has unlimited coins to organize an army. Build a mighty kingdom & attack the enemy with fighter gets and glory guns
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Guns of Glory mod apk depicts some historical trends. History is full of tales about lust for kingship. The cruel history of kingdoms is an accurate depiction of struggles for thrones. Therefore bloodshed has been an everyday norm while struggling for empire. The greed for power, crown, and kingdom often end with a trail of bloodstains. Anyhow, everything was considered fair in war.

Introduction to Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory is a game with a complete background. This role-playing game has very much to offer you. The story begins with the ruthless murder of the king. The Cardinal who is aiming for the state has murdered the king.

Now the crown is in danger. Cardinal is powerful as he is the master of some evil forces. However, the situation is very pessimistic. Anyhow every cloud has a silver lining. Therefore kingdom will not fall into the evil clutches of the Cardinal. You are the best hope here because you will be a commando to save this kingdom from the wrong hands.

It is not an easy war because, at the beginning of the game, you are not a free person. You are a jailbird. Because you are captive deep in bastille cell, your connection with the rest of the world is lost. It is not clear what your past was. Anyhow future and its missions are definite because you will stop the advancement of cardinal.

The Gameplay

To save the kingdom from the evil forces of the Cardinal, first of all, you have to manage a save to escape from the dark cell of bastille. This game revolves around you; therefore, your survival is a must. So you have to struggle hard for your survival first. Later on, it would help if you had the strength to put bars in the way of cardinal.

But you can not do this with a one-person show. Therefore you need a strong army. So first of all, go for your survival, Arrange an army, and build your weapons. You have very little time as the war for the throne is about to start.

It’s a time for the MMO war. First, develop your strategies and guns of glory. Then, you can engage your friends all around the globe to give a tough time to your opponents.

If you want to protect your castle, you need to be strategic and brave while building your army and weapons.

Guns of Glory Mod Apk Features

The castle is the central point in this game, and you are the main lead. Your task is to make your survival and safety. For this, you need to escape, survive and organize an army. The task is not simple. However, the Guns of Glory mod apk has many features to assist you in your job. Let’s explore them.

Strategy Warfare

First of all, develop war strategies because your role is to properly utilize your resources to protect the throne and the kingdom. Therefore prepare your guns and defend your castle. Further, train an army of Musketeers, wisely manage your limited resources and attack your enemies. Be strong enough to claim the crown and develop a strategic alliance. Thus, you can win the magnificent kingdom.

Train your Squad

Guns of Glory is a role-playing game. But unlike other games here, your role is multidimensional. You have to perform the duties of a trainer for your troops. The enlightenment-era guns and lethal weapons will make your struggle a success.

A fast and strong cavalry will help you. Moreover, you can get unlimited coins and gold with the guns of glory mod apk. So, invest gold in setting a remarkable cavalry. Above all, this strategic game demands your time management skills to meet the time requirements and complete missions on time.

Powerful Airships

This war is not about the stone age. Here you can develop your fighter jets and can shoot down your enemies. So make your defense and attacks powerful with lethal fighter jets. You live in the technology era so take advantage of technology in this crown battle.

World War

You can go seamlessly and organize your teammates from all around the globe in this multiplayer game. This multiplayer RPG and RTS are more attractive than ever before. So build your weapons and manage your army with the assistance of worldwide teammates.

MMO World

Guns of Glory mod apk allows the world of the Musketeers to live!. Moreover, every graphic is stunning, from gloomy prisoner to mighty kingdom alongside jungles and attacks. In addition, background sounds are remarkable.

Advanced RTS Combat

Build your plan to raid your rivals and assist allies! You can customize the fighter jets, kingdom, buildings, squads, tools, etc with the MMORPG gameplay. Your task is to develop the best fit strategy for your troops.

Empire Building!

Supervise the building process of a mighty empire. Therefore you need to be an expert in several arts and make your defense strong. So, you undoubtedly need deadly weapons for this. However, the modded version provides you with unlimited weapons.

Mod Features

  • Guns of Glory Mod Apk has no paywalls.
  • The no ads version eliminates interruption of ads.
  • Increased Clip Range.
  • Unlimited money and gold are available.
  • Premium unlocked version has a lot to offer.

User Reviews

  • I like the theme of the game. The dialogue and visuals depict the storyline well. The graphics are breathtaking.
  • Yes, it is an excellent game. I do realize that Guns of Glory has different styles of gameplay. I’ve even had a non-spender play my castle before cancel but during that time, they saved up all kinds of stuff for me. I would suggest, though, to make it to where they can get one piece of the brand new stuff by winning rewards of a large number of things towards that 1 piece. And maybe they have to spend this little bit.
  • Best game! It has amazing graphics and the best storyline so far. Overall, yes it is the best RPG to play.


You will undoubtedly enjoy Guns Glory Mod Apk!! It’s fun and great for when you’re unwinding. Not extra hard or extra easy either. Great rewards system. You don’t have to buy coins or packages to play the game or advance.

Moreover, you can quickly and easily obtain resources from battles and beast attacks. Being in an extraordinary alliance makes it even better because they’ll help you build and succeed.


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